To answer your questions please read our FAQ below. If your question still remains, please send us an e-mail, we'll get back to you asap!

Why is PhoneDiscount so cheap?

PhoneDiscount purchases calling capacity in large quantities. And we are pleased to pass on the discounts we get to our customers so everyone can place chaep international calls.

Do I have to sign up with PhoneDiscount before I use it?

No, all you do is enter the number for the country you want to call.

How do I pay for my calls? Do I receive a bill sent to my home address?

No, all you do is pay your normal telephone bill.

Do I pay per minute or per second?

You pay per second.

Will I get charged extra for the PhoneDiscount Access Number?

For calling a premium number like the access numbers PhoneDiscount uses, your provider charges an access charge as well. This access charge depends on your provider and contract.

Can I also use your numbers when I call from my cell phone?

Yes! The charges for using your cell phone will be added, of course, and depend on your provider and the kind of subscription you have.
PLEASE NOTE: some providers of cell phone services tack on a substantial access charge for calling PhoneDiscount numbers. For more information, check with your own provider.

Can I also use PhoneDiscount when I call from a pay phone?

Yes, you can, but it's not cheap. Calling from a pay phone to a PhoneDiscount number costs more than calling from a fixed phone at your home or office.

How is it possible that certain call destinations have the same PhoneDiscount number?

These call destinations are all included in the same rate. This is why you can use the same PhoneDiscount number to reach various call destinations.

Can I use PhoneDiscount to place calls inside UK?

Yes, please have look at the rates for calls inside UK.